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"An Easy Handbook for Life" is all about helping you find your way - your path to  where, and who, you want to be.


An Easy Handbook for Life is a FREE download. You can copy, print and pass it along, but the book must remain in its original form.

Ever wanted to find out the answers to life? Ever tried to find them by ploughing through complicated literature? Follow me into "An Easy Handbook for Life" where you'll find everything answered, from who you are, to how you can lead a happier, more abundant life in simple, easy to understand words. You'll be guided from your present problem-filled existence into a life of total fulfillment.

An Easy Handbook for Life is about helping yourself, finding out who you really are, and showing you can do something about it. It will show you how to enjoy your life and move forward to where you want to be. 

You are loved. Always. There is always help at hand - you only have to ask, and it is given!

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A short excerpt:

So here you are – A tiny presence amongst billions of others. But know you are all special, unique and individual. The power of one is thought not to exist. The power of one is the only power. You are all powerful. What you want, I want. You have total free will. Nothing is pre-ordained, except by you. You decided on the setting for your life.You chose your birthplace, parents and circumstances long before you entered this life. Your soul has chosen this in order to experience itself physically.

From these early basic choices, once you are in a physical form, where your life now goes depends on you. You have had many lives and have chosen different circumstances for each. Each choice was perfect for your soul at that time.

Ultimately, you return from whence you came – to pure energy, pure peace. This state continues until you again choose to experience a physical life.

To learn how to create these changes, download An Easy Handbook for Life and start reading. You will begin to see changes that you had not thought possible.

About the Author

E.L. Howard is a writer and a teacher. She has always been a seeker searching for how to live. The problem has always been to find someone who could answer questions simply and in an easy to follow way. All the literature in this area seemed to be complicated and open to interpretation. Then she realised the Creator has never stopped speaking to us, and that anyone could be used as a messenger. Hence the channels opened and the message was delivered in her first book 'An Easy Handbook for Life'. Further help for living will come through her second book ' Faith Finders'.   

I have learnt much while writing An Easy Handbook for Life. If this book can help others to have a more prosperous, abundant life, then it has done its work.

I hope you  receive as much joy reading and learning as I have in writing it. 


"This is an amazing book. It is very easy to understand and follow and literally could turn someone's life around. Many readers will agree with, and benefit from reading this material" - Review Cynthia Sherman, Writer's Literary Services, Florida.


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